F.A.Q. Your Questions Answered.

Below are questions that we have received from Lockstraps customers. It is important to us at Lockstraps to help our customers better understand and use our products to the fullest extent. If your questions have not been addressed in our F.A.Q. please contact us and we will help you find a solution.
Questions & Answers
Can I set all the combination numbers at the same time?
Yes you can but if you make a mistake, you won’t know which number is not set right. We suggest you set one number at a time and check it (make sure the lock presses down) before setting the next.
I forgot my combination, what do I do?
We suggest you take it to your local locksmith and have them pick it.
Can I change my code?
Yes, you can change it as many times as you would like.
How do the locks do in ice? Snow? Salt water? Dirt? Sand?
We have had no problems with any of the following. Lubricant are recommended.
Can I use a knife or screw driver to set my code?
We do not recommend using anything but a ball point pen as the pen will depress the pin perfectly.
How do I lock my helmet and jacket with item #901?
You put the strap through the jacket sleeve and then up and through the full face. If you have a half helmet, you put the carabiner through the “D” rings.
Can I use item #301 as a tow strap?
It wasn’t designed to be a tow strap however, if you are in an emergency, tie the strap to itself and do not use the carabiner. The strap will tow over 6,000 lbs  the carabiner will start to bend or break at 2,000lbs.
I bought item #901 for my roof rack however, the metal hits the roof. Can I make it shorter?
Yes, just twist the strap as many times as needed to shorten it.
Will item #801 work as a wheel lock or disk break lock?
Yes, it was designed to fit in most applications.
Have you found any other uses for item #901?
We have had clients use it for all sorts of applications (helmets/jackets, bikes, tools, etc…) however the strangest one we have heard of is that it is a good weapon.
Is there a re-set button?
No there is NOT a re-set button.  Please take your time when setting your code.
My lock is hard to open what can I do?
The Locks love WD-40 or any other lubricant. Spray it in the top of the lock then spin the dials.
Do you make a locking ratchet style strap?
Not yet, however we are working on it.  Most people want ratchet straps because they have had cheap tie downs slip.  The Lockstraps do not slip. We have engineered them not to slip and we have had zero complaints on slipping.
What are the rivets made of?
They are a mushroomed galvanized steel.  Very tough.  They will eventually rust but they will last for years.
I have a hard time seeing the combination can you make the numbers more readable?
If you have a hard time seeing the numbers due to eye sight or because it is dark outside, we suggest that you just change (set) one number.  This way you just use your fingers to find the right turn style, apply pressure to the top of the lock and spin that turn style until the lock opens/presses down.
What keeps a thief from cutting the nylon straps?
There is a stainless steel cable inside the straps.
How will the Lockstraps detour theft?
90% of all theft is done with just hands (no tools) the Lockstraps cannot be open without tools. A pocket knife won’t do it.
Couldn’t a thief just loosen the sliding clasp?
Yes, however; if it were on a bike or motorcycle, they would have to cut the break cable and clutch cable.
What if you do not want anyone to loosen the strap?
After securing the Lockstrap, take the left over strap “Slack” and tie it behind the sliding clasp as many times as needed to get rid of the slack and then lock the loop inside the carabiner. We also suggest you use the left over strap to lock something else. Please refer to you tube videos.
Will the Lockstraps work on my kayak, drum set, wheel chair, air plane, boat, golf cart, motorcycle etc…?
YES, it works for everything!!